The All-on-4 Dental Implant Is A Game Changer

The-All-on-4-Dental-Implant-Is-A-Game-ChangerThe All on 4 dental implant procedure has become quite popular in the dentistry industry today. It is simply a dental treatment option for replacing all your teeth on the lower or upper jaw with just four dental implants. It makes it possible to replace all your teeth in just a single day. When it becomes inevitable that you cannot keep most if not all of your original teeth, there are a number of options you may consider. Previously, dentists would recommend traditional dentures as an option but today all on-4-dental implant procedure has come to the rescue of many. Read on to learn how the All-on-4 dental implant is a game changer.

Immediate results

This dental procedure is fast and among the best options when it comes to replacing teeth. Unlike other procedures that may take a few days to complete, this procedure only takes a single day and you are good to go. It brings quick improvements in terms of the ability to chew, teeth stability and overall comfort. With well trained professionals you can walk into a dentist’s clinic without teeth and come out smiling from ear to ear with a new set of teeth.

Improves your smile

Going for the all-on-4 implants is like putting ten years back into your smile. This procedure helps in preserving the jawbone, prevents deterioration of the facial structure that is usually related to missing teeth. With these implants, all the wrinkles and the caved in face especially around the lips will be removed. This will make you look younger and good looking.

You can eat any type of food you want

Traditional dentures and other dental procedures prohibit you from eating certain types of food as you were used to. The implants look, feel and work just like the natural teeth. You will enjoy eating any type of food cold or hot without feeling awkward when you eat.

You get a long-lasting smile

This procedure creates a lasting set of teeth with a fixed, permanent implant supported retained bridge. Depending on how you take care of these implants, they have a chance of serving you a lifetime. You do not have to remove them when cleaning your teeth or when going to bed.

Enhances your quality of life in general

With the All-on-4 implants, your new set of teeth will look, feel and work just like natural teeth. You will feel better, comfortable and confident when smiling, eating and speaking. You will look better, enjoy your life and above all, have an improved life. You will no longer have to avoid eating certain foods because you cannot chew or you are afraid of the sensitivity the food will cause to your teeth or gums.

Enables you to easily care for and maintain your teeth

Just like the natural teeth, you will be able to brush and floss without a problem. You do not have to remove the implants for you to floss or brush your teeth. Just treat them like normal natural teeth. However, it is advisable to stick to the cleaning and maintenance procedure given by your dentist.

Helps eliminate health issues related to missing teeth

This dental procedure helps in creating a healthier mouth and a healthier body in general by reducing the chances for periodontal disease; bacteria caused chronic infections as well as inflammatory diseases. It should be noted that periodontal disease is considered to be one of the major causes of strokes, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, heart attacks and other chronic illnesses. Since your mouth will be restored to its previous or original state, implants may help prevent periodontal disease. With regular brushing and flossing, your oral health and your general well being will be enhanced.

Reduces long-term dental costs

Being a permanent solution to weakening or missing teeth, you will no longer have to visit the dentist every now and then for checkups and appointments. This therefore means that you will reduce the costs of dental checkups. On top of that, All-on-4 dental implants are not so expensive, as one might think. All you have to do is to make sure you get a professional to perform the procedure.

In summary, it is evident that indeed the All-on-4 dental implant is a game changer as far as replacing missing teeth is concerned. It is arguably the best option you can opt for when replacing missing teeth.