Stabilize Loose Dentures With Dental Implants

Stabilize-Loose-Dentures-With-Dental-ImplantsMillions of people all over the world have been outfitted with traditional dentures. Back in the day, this was the only option for replacing missing or severely decayed teeth. However, the struggle to keep these cumbersome apparatus in one’s mouth can prove to be devastating. Loose dentures are often a problem most noticeable with the lower arch. This can lead to dramatic difficulty chewing favorite foods, leaving many patients with a limited diet.

Imagine Adhesive-Free Dentures

Dental adhesives look like a winning idea on those TV commercials with smiling actors. However, anyone who has tasted or tried to use such items regularly may disagree. These products eventually break down and lose their effectiveness. You can rest assured that your denture adhesive will lose its grip at the most inopportune time. This is not the solution that’s needed in this modern dental age.

Secure Your Smile

What if you had the ability to permanently stabilize loose dentures? Well, you can — with dental implants. This is a brilliant solution that has helped thousands of patients keep their dentures while enjoying a more secure and stress-free smile. Isn’t it time for you to finally smile with confidence? How many family events have you forgone due to your teeth? Riding on amusement park rides does not have to be a joyful pastime reserved for youth. Eating steak and corn on the cob at the next family reunion does not have to be a dream. Enjoy the best of both worlds and stabilize loose dentures with denture implants.

Highest Success Rate

Dental implants boast the highest success rate compared to all of the surgically implanted dental devices available. Many individuals report this is the best decision they have made regarding their smile. It is possible for you to join the ranks of the satisfied smiling and it is easier than you think.

Tiny Titanium Anchors

Regardless whether you require a full or partial set of dentures, the minute titanium anchors that are surgically implanted into your jawbone will secure your dentures like never before.After these small anchors have been surgically implanted at your dentist’s office, a period of healing will take place where the implant integrates within your bone tissue. The mouth is an exceptionally fast place for healing within the body. Once the pegs are stable and secure, your dentures can be clicked into place. Since the titanium root resembles your natural tooth root, the integrity of your jawbone is not compromised with this dental implant restoration. In fact, it is the most proactive way you can ensure your jawbone health for the future.

Traditional Dentures Wear Down Gums

Over time, traditional dentures can become sore and painful. It is unfortunately common for the jawbone to eventually wear down with people who have been grinding away (literally) with their dentures for extended periods of time. Many people have had their dentures since an extremely early age. Sadly, ripping out perfectly repairable teeth was often the case for many families. Dental care was too expensive or unavailable. The long term effects of wearing a plate were not as clearly understood as they are today.

Enjoy Better Digestion

Remember when you would order what you felt like eating at a restaurant? Or when you chose the place based on atmosphere and ambiance instead of menu? The initial process of digestion begins in your mouth. Chewing the food appropriately is vital to better absorption of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Improperly chewing your food due to missing or damaged teeth causes your stomach to work harder to break down the food that your teeth missed. Stabilize loose dentures with dental implants and regain your love of your favorite foods.

Maintain Youthful Facial Structure

The sagging and diminished appearance of your profile and overall facial structures can be avoided. This does not have to be a part of the aging process as many people would have you believe. Missing teeth have no root structure to maintain within the jaw. Over time, shrinking can occur; also known as reabsorption. The best way you can maintain a youthful facial structure is to ensure the underlying bone is taken care of. Traditional dentures that are loose and grind along your jawbone can cause significant damage over time.

Eliminate Soreness and Unexpected Movement

Two of the main complaints from individuals wearing dentures is that they seem to have a mind of their own and they are painful. Everyone who wears dentures has either woken up the next morning to find them accidentally on the floor or no longer in their mouth. Even simple talking, laughing and eating can become an embarrassing and unexpected situation if your dentures become mobile. Eliminate the use of yucky dental adhesives and sore, bleeding gums by opting to stabilize loose dentures with dental implants.