Restore Your Smile With A Dental Implant Bridge

Dental Implant BridgeYour smile says a lot about you during a first impression and, really, any time you smile. Sadly, those who are self-conscious about a less-than-perfect grin may choose not to smile at all. It can be difficult to admit that we are hardwired to appreciate beauty in terms of a symmetrical appearance. Therefore, missing, broken, chipped, cracked or severely decayed teeth can dramatically influence the way the world perceives us and how we feel about ourselves. Restore your smile with a dental implant bridge.


Studies have been done showing babies specific photographs; only to determine they prefer the picture of the person with a Hollywood smile as opposed to the individual who needs extensive dental care. Sad but true. Similarly, fake business interviews have been conducted only to discover that the job is not necessarily awarded to the most qualified candidate but often to the more attractive one.

Restore Your Smile with a Dental Implant Bridge

Fortunately, there is hope for those who suffer from missing or damaged teeth. You do not have to deal with embarrassment or chewing difficulties any longer. A dental implant bridge is the ideal solution for failing or missing teeth that are beyond repair.

Enjoy Your Food

Aesthetic reasons are a major reason why people decide to upgrade their smile. However, sustaining your dental integrity is an equally pressing issue. People who have to decide what to eat based on how easy they can chew the food are often deeply missing their favorite delicacies. In some cases, malnourishment can occur over time. This is an avoidable catastrophe.

Dental Implant Bridge Benefits

Being an implant based repair, the anchor point attaches as an abutment into the jawbone. This surgical procedure actually helps to preserve bone density as one ages since it most naturally mimics the original root of the initial tooth. Secure and restore your smile with a dental implant bridge.
Although a more costly option in comparison to a traditional bridge, the dental implant typically lasts a lifetime. Having to budget for further traditional bridge repairs in the future is something to consider if one pursues the non-implant avenue.

Further benefits include:

  • Alleviate the stress of your bite
  • Promote healthy digestion with properly chewed food
  • Maintain the natural shape of your face and jaw
  • Obtain an attractive and healthy smile
  • Maintain jawbone health and integrity
  • Protect healthy teeth by fixing any gaps or chipped or broken teeth or decayed teeth

Traditional Bridges Can Decay Surrounding Teeth

Most people who need a bridge are understandably concerned with the situation at hand. They are not necessarily thinking about long term after care of their new dental apparatus. The traditional bridge can unintentionally decay the anchoring teeth. Sadly, patients often visit the dentist to discuss upgrading their original bridge only to find out that they have more decay issues to deal with.

Discuss Your Options

Dental technology has far surpassed many other fields in terms of growth. Determine who in your area is specializing in dental implant bridge and family dentistry. Discover what former patients are saying and do some research ahead of time. Book a free consultation to meet the team who will be transforming your smile. Understanding the full scope of work prior to starting will enable you to take the best possible care of your new smile.
A good dentist enjoys educating their patients and will happily discuss the pros and cons of your restoration options. Most likely X-Rays will be taken in order to obtain a clear view of your jawbone integrity and the extent of your problems. Occasionally, bone grafts may have to be undergone as part of the pre-surgery requirement in order to ensure your implant bridge will have the best chance to heal effectively. Your dentist will be able to explain any of the pre-requisite treatments required once they have a clear picture of your mouth.

Your Time To Smile Is Now

Let’s face it, no one is getting any younger. Our bodies heal the best when we are well rested and enjoy some TLC. Putting off impending dental work may end up costing you more time, money and potential discomfort. Book a dental implant consultation today to discuss your options. Many clinics offer affordable dental payment plans so that you can obtain the healthy and radiant smile you deserve without breaking the bank.